Sonali My Sexy Tenant

Sonali My Sexy Tenant

Hi! I am Rahul from Ambala, Haryana. I am 30 year old, 5’-5”. Married with very beautiful girl for 11 years I am going to tell u a story that how I fucked my tenant by giving her sleeping pills.

First let me tell u about my Tenant. Her name was Sonali (name changed) she was three yrs younger then me is about 27 yrs. She is about 5’-5” fair color, boobs 36, bit heavy attractive figure.

Now let us come to main story. When we sifted to our bungalow we kept first floor for rent. After two months we got a tenant. But I didn’t meet them. I was contacted by their manager who informed me that his Boss got transferred to Ambala and joining as vice president of very famous hotel in the city.

They ware young couple. The husband age was 30 yrs and wife age was 27 yrs. I made the contract. After that I gone to Singapore for vacation with my family and they are going to move inn in my absence.

As I landed at Delhi airport got a taxi and moved to Ambala.

When, I reached home. They ware not at home. At evening I met them. When I saw her I kept steering on her. She was very beautiful, sexy and impossible to keep eyes away from her. She was wearing sleeveless button down denim shirt and shorts. Fully waxed legs and arms

Shortly we became very good friends as we both couples are of same age group. We use have dine together many time in the week and party often on week ends. She always preferred to sleeveless tops with short or mini skirts.

Many times her husband had to go to Delhi to attend head office meetings and sometimes he had stay there for two or three days. As she scared to sleep alone so she sleeps in our floor with my mom.

During her stay we chat till late night and during chatting I came to know that she is heavy sleeper. As my mom takes sleeping pills so I thought that I can try to explore her some night. At night she mostly wears night suits with button down shirts with pajamas or Capri’s or shorts. I also noticed that her Boobs bounce more in her night dress may be she doesn’t wear Bra under it.

Two nights passed but I don’t have courage to go and touch her. What will happen if she wakes up?

I simply masturbate thinking about her and sleep. But then on third night I thought that I have to do it at any cost.

At night about 3 am I wake up my wife was sleeping ‘N’ snoring I opened and closed my bedroom door silently and headed to my mom room where she was sleeping with my mom.

I opened the door. It was dark inside but I had pocket torch with me I turned it on. Now I can see inside the room clearly. My mom was sleeping on right side of the bed she had taken sleeping pill so I know that she will not wake up till morning. Sonali was sleeping on other side. She was sleeping on her back under covers and snoring.

I moved closer to her looked at her face she was looking very pretty. I know that she was wearing button down shirt and loose shorts. Slowly in removed her covers and had a look. Slowly I touched her legs I got no response from her side this gave me courage. I moved my hand upwards to her thighs it was smooth and milky. I inserted in hand from the bottom of her shorts till I reached the lower band of her panty.

Then I removed my hand and moved up. Then I with my shivering hands I touched her boobs. As soon as I touched her boobs I got cleared that she is not wearing Bra. Softly I started massaging her boobs but I got no response from her side this gave me courage. I started massaging them hard.

Now want to see her naked boobs so I started unbuttoning her shirt. I unbuttoned all buttons and split shirt apart. Her milky white boobs are looking awesome with pinkish color nipples and a beautiful tummy with cute navel. I touched her naked boobs for the first time it seems that I am out of this world.

I massaged her boobs for sometime and played with her nipples and sucked them. Then I buttoned her shirt before I start to explore her lower body.

Then I slightly moved downward and inserted my two fingers on the both side of waist band of her shorts and pulled it down. Soon her black colored panty with white dots on it came in front of my eyes. Then I hold her panty band with my fingers and pulled it down. Awesome sight was in front of my eyes. A clean shaved soft and hot pussy slowly I started fingering it. After fingering for some time I tried to insert I finger inside her pussy. It was hot and juicy. I inserted my half finger then she moved a little in her sleep then I decided to stop for today and wait for other night when in can fuck her. I pulled up her panty and shorts. Then I put covers over her and headed back to my room masturbated and sleep.

Once my mom had to go to Delhi to attend some family function and her husband had to go to Mumbai for a week to attend some conference. I thought this can be my chance to fuck her.

Since it was week end I made a party plan. We gone to market and bought some bar-be-queue snacks and bottle of whiskey for me and bottle of vodka for Sonali. When we reached home my wife went to kitchen to arrange snacks to serve I asked Sonali how she would like to have vodka she told me that she would like it with orange juice but after 5 mins because she wants to change in night dress I said ok. She gone to change and I went to medicine box to get some sleeping pills. Then I made my peg and started to prepare vodka for Sonali. I poured 45 ml vodka instead of 30 ml which she regularly has then I powdered one sleeping pill and put it in the glass and filled the glass with orange juice.

By the time Sonali returned every thing was arranged. She returned wearing button down shirt and loose pajama without Bra as her boobs are bouncing. We cheers and started to party. We chatted for 4 hrs till now she had consumed 6 pegs of vodka with same quantity and sleeping pills. My wife already slept since she was tired.

After 6 pegs I offered her 1 more but she refused as she said she is fully packed. But I forced her and told her that we both will have one last peg with dinner she accepted. I prepared same peg for her and served her. We started to have dinner with our last pegs. I can see that she was unable to eat food properly because of vodka and sleeping pills which have started effecting. But I want she must finish the last peg. So I picked my glass of whiskey and said cheers ‘N’ bottom up. She followed. She hardly finished the food and moved to washroom to wash her hands. As she was walking half eyes closed I can see that she was not in balance. Then she said good night and moved towards her room. I followed her because she was not walking properly maybe she need some help.

Suddenly she lost her balance and began to fall but I was just behind her I hold her she thanked me. I helped her to bed and asked her if she needed any thing. She requested me to keep a bottle of water I said ok. I went to kitchen took a bottle of water and headed back to her room and kept the bottle near her and informed her but I got no response from her she already slept without covers.

I left the room for sometime to let her go to deep sleep till I start my plan. After 1 hr I got up I took my digital camera and moved to wards her room. She was sleeping like an angle on double bed. I went closer to her. I clicked some pics then I unbuttoned her shirt split apart and clicked some pics. Then I removed her pajama and clicked some pics. Now she was only wearing pink color panty with white flowers. Then I removed her panty and clicked some pics.

Then I removed my clothes and lay beside her. First I kissed her hard and licked her lips, and then I started sucking her boobs.

Then I fingered her hot pussy. I was dyeing to fuck her. So I got in position. I spread her legs apart and positioned my self between them. I lifted her legs and kept tip of my 8 inch rock hard cock on the opening on her pussy and pushed it to insert. Slowly I pushed it until it was completely inside her pussy. Then I started to bang her hard until her pussy filled with my cum

Then I rested for sometime and started to mouth fuck her. I started kissing licking her lips. With some force I inserted my tongue in her mouth. Then I opened her mouth and inserted my cock inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth. I filled her mouth with my cum

Then after resting for sometime I thought of trying her ass. I got up and turned her on her stomach and had a look of her beautiful ass I clicked some pics. Then I tried inserting my finger in her ass hole but I can’t it was so tight. Then I bought some Vaseline and applied on my finger and on her ass hole. Then I tried to insert my finger. It was hard but slowly it started moving in. soon my full finger was in then I fingered her ass hole for sometime. Then I applied some more Vaseline on my fingers and her ass hole and inserted two fingers in her ass hole.

After fingering her ass for sometime now I want to insert my cock. So I applied plenty of Vaseline on her ass hole and on my cock and tried to insert it in her ass. Slowly I inserted my full cock inside her ass and started fucking her ass. I fucked her ass till it was full of cum.

Then after sometime I turned her on her back and had one more shot on her pussy. Then I cleaned her and dressed her put her under covers and gone to sleep.

Since her husband got transferred to Rohtak but our friendship still continues. They often come to Ambala to meet us. Three months back she delivered a baby boy. And the good news is her husband is going abroad for fifteen days and she is coming to Ambala to spend time with us. As she is now feeding so I am dyeing to suck her milk.

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