Sex Aunty ke sath

Hi To All Readers of ISS! I’m Shayaan from Lahore(pakistan).I’m 18 years old and I’ve given 12th standard exams and now-a-days feel usually free and searching some universities for Graduation…I’m Slim smart guy wuth attractive look and belong from a very noble family.I’ve 1 younger sister and my father and mother…Father is abut 45 years old and mom is 39.The story im going to write is 100%true and first experience of my life that i was never expected…I tell u first that i was not very professional in sex but im too good in romance and foreplay.My height is 5.6” and my dick size is approximately 6” long and 2.3” in width…Any lady from pakistan can add me on yahoo and do cam2cam sex chat and can do real sex with me…Privacy is available here at 100%discount,lol…Now,not making u bore im going on my story…My Email Id is:
This story is based upon me and my Aunty who lives at my home on rent….!!

Her name is Rimsha Aunty.She is abut 39 years old but looking like not more than 26-27 as she is very fit in figure and very pretty…She maintains her figure by doing exercises in gim…She has 40-34-42 Figure and i can give u guarantee that if any men looks at her.He would be go mad after seeing her beauty and sexy figure..! He lives with her husband and one child gurl who is 9 years old just…!!

Lets start!!
We have a very big home in very posh area of Lahore.We live at upper portion and our lower portion is vacant.We thought by giving this on rent and make that profitable…
We called Property dealer and said to him that we want to give our lower portion on rent to small educated family…He showed us many familes but we rejected all as we were not impressed by anyone..One day me and my father were sat together and watching a movie,and that time our door bell rung…When i checked He was property dealer with one family…!!
I gone down and met with them and showed our home…They liked our home as it is beautiful and we made it very fantastical.Then he gave me token money and told my father that he would shift after an month….Family contains 1 husband looks like 50 years old and Rimsha aunty and her child.I loved aunty when i seen her first time…She wearing very beautiful shalwar kameez with black bra that was visible in kameez easily…Her big boobs looks like very tight and her well shaped ass…Her white colour and pink lips on face making her gorgeous…!!

After one month:
They shifts and in just 1 week.We were very closed to them and our relation made strong…Her husband working in a firm and he is diabetes and blood pressure patient with very fat body…I had been understand that Aunty is not satisfy with him.Anyhow,days are going i was looked aunty from my terrace.She usually never wears Dopatta and her tight boobs made me horny.Her bouncing ass when she was walked my dick was given her Salute…Aunty was called me sometimes for any work and i was watched her figure whenever i got chance..
One days called me.When i gone.She told me that light bulb has been fused and pls change it…!I said ok,no problem.I stood on a stool and she hold this.When i looked down,OMG her cleavage is looking full of sex and her boobs were trying to go out from kameez.Aunty has been notice it i confirm!!Whatever,i changed and gone..
Days were going and i was made friendly with Aunty.She told me that your uncle is working in travel company and very serious patient of blood pressure…I listen all and said her,No need to worry,Everything will be good…!!


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